Keep Your Cat Cool In Summer

Keeping your pet cat cool in Summer is a must.   It’s important to ensure that they have cool water available at all times, particularly when the temperature is as high as yesterday’s 40C.

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Cats appreciate clean water in their bowls every day, and on very hot days, a couple of ice cubes may be added to help keep the water cool.

Of course, some cats will prefer to drink from the fish tank, the toilet bowl, or the sink or shower, and some cats like running water.   Whatever your cat likes, try to accommodate it in the hot weather of Summer.

My cat prefers to be outside in her pen, no matter what the temperature is, but when it’s over 30C, she is kept inside, much to her disgust.    Although  there is shade and water in the pen, the ambient temperature can get pretty high.   It’s pretty high inside too, but there are always the fans, and on really hot days, the air conditioner sometimes gets used.

If you care for your pet, keep it cool this Summer – he/she will apreciate it.

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